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3devicesWe are dedicated to helping our partners deliver quality, informational content to our national audience of Canadian real estate professionals.

Our sponsored content features can showcase your brand’s unique area of expertise, while maintaining the strict journalistic standards that REM readers trust, all delivered in the same package as the rest of our editorial content.

A seamless experience

Each piece of sponsored content is inserted directly into the editorial flow of our website, REMonline.com, ensuring easy reader discovery.

To further promote your branded message, we also offer the opportunity to have your custom content featured in our exclusive email newsletter for real estate professionals, sent twice weekly to some of the top agents, brokers and executives in the real estate business.

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Standard rates

Description Rate (monthly)
Content featured on REMonline.com 600
Content featured on REMonline.com & twice in REM email newsletter 1,200
Additional inclusion in REM email newsletter 300

Editorial Guidelines and Disclaimer

When submitting sponsored, partner content, we will work closely with you to ensure your submission meets REM’s editorial standards. Submissions can be delivered in any text-editor operable file type, preferably a Microsoft Word Document (.doc) or basic text file (.txt). Inclusion of media (such as images or videos, e.g. YouTube) is welcomed, however custom HTML or CSS styling is not recommended.

REM uses the Canadian Magazine Industry’s Advertising-Editorial Guidelines. The guidelines state:

“Magazine readers value both editorial content and advertising as sources of information. The integrity and long-term viability of magazines depends, however, on a clear distinction between the two – without it, both editorial and advertising lose credibility with the reader.”

The full Canadian Magazine Industry’s Advertising-Editorial Guidelines are available upon request. As an addendum to those guidelines, the changing media world has demanded that new guidelines be developed to cover Sponsored Content in REM and on REMonline. We recognize that no set of guidelines can address every situation or issue that may arise in the course of doing business, especially given the pace of change within the media industry. We are always open to suggestions.

  • All advertising content must be clearly distinguishable from editorial content. REM will prominently display the following disclaimer on all Sponsored Content: ‘SPONSORED CONTENT.’ REM will also include the following disclaimer on all Sponsored Content: ‘This content is not written by and does not necessarily reflect the views of REM.’. In addition, REM will ensure the treatment and design of Advertising and Sponsored Content is clearly differentiated from its editorial content.
  • Advertisers are responsible for ensuring that their ads are adequately substantiated and comply with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines.
  • REM may exercise its discretion to refuse or remove any advertising that is inconsistent with or may tend to bring disparagement, harm to reputation or other damage to REM.
  • REM may reject or remove any Sponsored Content at any time that contains false, deceptive, potentially misleading or illegal content.